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Saunahat Magic

Saunahat Magic

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Our sauna hats are artisanal masterpieces crafted from 100% sheep wool. This wool isn't just thermo-insulating; it's also self-cleaning. Despite their durability, our hats deserve proper care because quality demands attention.

Sauna hats not only shield the head and hair from sauna heat but also make a fashion statement, whether in the cabin or outdoors while sunbathing. They're exceptionally resilient, contouring to the head shape and catching the eye.

For ease of drying and airing after sauna sessions, each hat features a specially incorporated hanging loop at the top.


Felting is a transformative process where raw wool undergoes matting through a combination of moisture, pressure, and friction. This results in individual fibers interlocking tightly with adjacent fibers, creating a fabric that is exceptionally resilient and difficult to disassemble without mechanical force. Felted materials exhibit increased density, strength, and warmth, making them more durable and suitable for various applications.

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