Our vision

Take time to
do what makes your soul happy

from passion to vision - how it all began

Our passion for the sauna and its environment has welded us together.

We, Didi, Norry and Andy are a team from South Tyrol who have the same ideas, resolutions and ambitions.
Thanks to our many years of experience as sauna masters, we always try to further develop and revolutionize sauna experiences with innovative ideas.

You have to be well equipped not only for themed infusions but also for relaxation infusions. Since relaxation, well-being and health are paramount when taking a sauna, only high-quality products should be used.
Based on this conviction, we have decided to partially develop new products, to improve existing ones, to include well-established ones and to create this online shop for the upscale and discerning sauna master and enthusiast.

what we believe in

Down-to-earth - honesty - high-quality products - that is our credo.

Our goal is to pass on our passion to you with our products! Whether in public thermal baths, hotels or in the private sauna at home, our customer, i.e. you, should feel comfortable.