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Rain trowel

Rain trowel

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The Protected Model Regenkelle® is a sauna ladle featuring a special shower nozzle. This allows for a more uniform and precise distribution of water through small holes located on the ladle's head, making the sauna infusion not only more effective but also aesthetically pleasing.

The ladle is crafted from stainless steel, joined by laser welding, and features a surface finish achieved through glass bead blasting, which ensures durability and resistance.
The long handle of the ladle is turned from oiled maple wood, providing a comfortable grip and an elegant appearance.

Rain trowel Small
- Capacity: 330ml
- Total length of the rain trowel: 51 cm
- Empty weight: 400 g
Rain trowel large
- Capacity: 550ml
- Total length of the rain trowel: 54 cm
- Empty weight: 585 g
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