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Waving Towel

Waving Towel

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Our exclusive infusion master towels are meticulously crafted from high-quality special twisted terry, ensuring they are made entirely of the finest cotton. Designed with a special border, these towels exhibit thoughtful engineering, allowing for optimal grip in any position and preventing unwanted slipping. Ideal for both traditional infusions and captivating show performances featuring special waving techniques, our infusion master towels boast stability and straightness even during dynamic movements, thanks to their unique stitching.

- 100x150cm when unfolded
- 100x75cm (folded/sewn)

Care instructions:
Prior to first use, we recommend washing the towel at a maximum temperature of 60°C. Avoid bleaching or dry cleaning. Simply dry using the standard program.

Towel sewn: 632g, 10mm border, 420g/m²
Towel open: 616g, 25mm border, 380g/m²

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