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Lime sweet

Lime sweet

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  • Botanical Name: Citrus limetta
  • Scent: Fresh, invigorating, tangy-citrus
  • 100% Pure Essential Oil

The lime is a citrus fruit with a green rind and a sour flesh. The lime makes for the freshest citrus oil of all. As a room fragrance, it gives a fresh, sparkling ambience. It makes you happy, light and free. To obtain 1 liter of oil, around 150 kg of the skins are cold-pressed.

Usage to scent the room: put enough water into the bowl of the aroma lamp and add 2-5 drops of an essential oil.

Usage for the kitchen: 2-3 drops of an essential oil are enough to flavor 100 g of any food.

Perfect for sauna infusion. Depending on the size of the sauna, 3 to 30 drops of essential oil are used (in infusion water or on crushed ice balls).

To obtain the long-lasting scent and effect of the essential oils it is recommended to keep the oils stored at a constant temperature. Improper use may pose a health risk to the body and respiratory system.

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