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Multibracket 3+3

Multibracket 3+3

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Our Multibracket is the world's first high-quality multifunctional holder, designed and made in Italy, specifically developed and produced for home saunas.

The Multibracket is made from a single 2mm thick laser-cut and bent aluminum sheet, ensuring quality and long-lasting durability. Its black matte finish (RAL9005) due to powder coating provides a stylish look that can be combined with any ambiance.

We are all familiar with the issue of storing essential oils.
Essential oils should not be stored directly in the sauna because the heat exposure can cause them to lose quality and aroma, which can also lead to a sensitizing effect on the skin (oversensitive reactions)!
For this purpose, we have created a new design element that can be easily screwed or glued to the external wall of the sauna (avoiding direct sunlight!).

With the help of our holder, you can not only store essential oils (10 ml bottles) but also place your phone or glasses during the sauna session, while simultaneously hanging your bathrobe.

It is the WORLD'S FIRST AND PATENTED multifunctional holder that combines these components.

Dimensions: 322x136x40mm

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