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Blood orange organic essential oil

Blood orange organic essential oil

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  • Botanical name: Citrus sinensis var. dulcis
  • Scent:fruity, warm, sweet, fizzy
  • Fragrance note: top note
  • Guaranteed quality: 100% pure essential oil
  • Natural aroma for food
  • Creates a good mood
  • Origin: Sicily
  • Manufacturing: cold pressing from the peel
  • glass from at least 40% recycled glass
The essential oil of blood oranges from Sicily by Bergila is an organic controlled and certified product, which is artisanal produced with love and consideration. Thanks to our collaboration with small farmers from Sicily, the fruit will only be harvested whenever it developed full maturity. After the harvest, the oranges are cold-pressed locally. To obtain the long-lasting scent and effect of the essential oils it is recommended to keep the oils stored at a constant temperature. The storage life of citrus oils is limited to 1-2 years in consequence of the cold pressing.

The orange tree originates from the Far East, mainly India and China. In Europe it was used for therapeutical purposes at the end of the 17th century, because it was a very rare tree and therefore very precious. By the time the plant adjusted perfectly to the Mediterranean climate. Out of the oranges juice, the peel and the oil out of the peel can be produced, and everything is broadly applicable.

Usage to scent the room: put enough water into the bowl of the aroma lamp and add 2-5 drops of an essential oil.
Usage for the kitchen: 2-3 drops of an essential oil are enough to flavor 100 g of any food.

Perfect for sauna infusion. Depending on the size of the sauna, 3 to 30 drops of essential oil are used (in infusion water or on crushed ice balls).



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