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Saunahat Magic

Saunahat Magic

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Sauna hats not only protect your head and hair from the heat in the sauna, but also look fashionable whether in the cabin or outdoors when sunbathing! Our hats are particularly hard-wearing, adapt perfectly to the shape of the head and are a great eye-catcher.

Our sauna hats are all handmade and made from 100% sheep's wool. This has the excellent property of being "thermo-insulating" and self-cleaning. Nevertheless, the sauna hats need a good treatment, because quality always deserves a little attention.

After the sauna every hat should always be hung up to dry and therefor a specially hanging option was incorporated at the top.

The Fulling

It is a process in which knitted virgin wool is felted through moisture, pressure, friction and heat. As a result of the fulling, the individual fibers have become so matted with the neighboring fibers that they can no longer be detached except by mechanical destruction. Fulled fabrics are denser, stronger, warmer and more durable due to increased tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

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